Help us “TEST” a new approach to fundraising

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We are offering “JUST PEEL IT” checkbook or card coupon fundraising

Over $1000 in LOCAL/NATIONAL coupons specifically for your area

The “Checkbook” Peeler coupon program sells for $20 to the customer
Your group makes 40% or more (based on sales) on every sale!

If you have a group/team or club looking for a NEW IDEA as a fundraiser …

We Have It!

We can even “customize” the coupon program for your specific school/team or group (with your logo/mascot)

Below is a sample coupon card!

(coupon card front)


(coupon card back)



We can design a “specific” Just Peel It coupon program for your area!

Free Immediately!

(Just peel off the LOCAL coupon offers to save and use the NATIONAL coupon savings continuously for up to 1 year)

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Be First—-Be Different!

Just Peel It!

Long Distance 1-800-655-3402
Portland (503)-655-3492

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This is our ” just peel it” checkbook fold out coupon program

We design “local” coupons for your area immediately

Over $1000 in values/savings (locally and nationally)

Much better value to the customer than a card with a picture of a group/team with 15-20 coupons on it!

This “checkbook-just peel It” fold out coupon program sells for $20 to the customer

they get over $1000 in savings from local and national programs)—

and your group/team/school makes 40% or more profit

Simply a better value than the “other coupon card companies” offer groups/schools/teams!

Below is a sample Just Peel It checkbook

(checkbook front)


(checkbook back)


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ASB/Activities Advisor,

We are looking for 15-20 High Schools to “TEST” our 1 of a kind “Just Peel It” continuous offer ASB/Student ID Card sticker sold as part of the ASB package to students.

Take a look…..

“Just Peel It” has Continuous Coupon Offers for ASB ID Cards (Simply stick on the back!)

12-15 Businesses in your “LOCAL” area!

ASB-ID CARD Stickers are $2.00 each With a 1000 Minimum Order

Simply add $3-$4 to the cost of the ASB card…..your ASB makes a profit……every time…

Contact us: 1-800-655-3402/503-655-3492 Located in Portland, Oregon!

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why justpeelit

Much more coupon savings at $10 to the customer (over $300 in savings) than others offer(local/national)

We can put together a “Just Peel It” local/national coupon program for your group immediately!!!

Contact us at 1-800-655-3402

We are looking for 3-7 groups this Spring 2017 to help us “test” this new approach to coupon fundraising.

You even can add one of our “food” fundraising programs as a tag to this coupon fundraiser! Check these out at: www.masterpiecenw.com

Email: frdgarym@comcast.net

Let’s get started!